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Mary Swetz' mother Borka was originally thought to have had the maiden name of Gerzanich.  However, based on the fact that Borka used the name Gerzanich after she returned to Dubrinics and that she arrived in the U.S. in 1896 under the name Borka Gerzanics, was shown as married, and was traveling with Fedor Gerzanics, it seems clear that Gerzanich was really her married name and that Fedor was her second husband. 

Like the Tomas and Svecz names, the Gerzanich (Gersanics, Gerzanicz, Gerzanic) name traces back to Dubrinics (known as Bercsenyifalva in Hungarian).  Fedor Gerzanicˇ, age 39, and Borka Gerzanicˇ, age 29, sailed on the S.S. Switzerland from Antwerp on 5/14/1896 arriving in Philadelphia on 5/28/1896 enroute to brother-in-law Vasil Rigjan (brother-in-law of Fedor or Borka?) in Scranton PA. 

A Vasil Gersanics, age 34, (indexed as Gerzanies in the Ellis Island Database) arrived on 7/11/1899 in NYC on the S.S. Friesland from Antwerp.  Vasil was coming from Dubrinics enroute to his brother Fedor in Scranton.  Vasil had been in Scranton previously from 1891 to 1895.

A Mihaly Gerzanic, a 38 year old Ruthenian, arrived on 6/10/1909 in NYC on the S.S. Ultonia from Fiume.  He had previously been in Scranton from 1903 to 1906 and was enroute to brother-in-law Gyorgy Penyak at 509 Troy? St. in Dunmore.  Also on the ship was Janos Gerzanics, age 33, traveling to brother-in-law Gyorgy Penyak.  Also traveling with them was Mihaly Rigan, age 38, traveling to his brother-in-law Elek Vorocsilycsak at 1332 Jefferson Ave. in Dunmore.  All three were shown as traveling from Bercsenyifalva where all three were born. 

At St. Mary's Greek Catholic Cemetery in Scranton is a Gerzanich stone inscribed Mother Maria 1893-1935, Father George 1890-1943, and Joseph 1933-1985.  That same Gerzanich family also apparently shows up in the 1920 Federal Census on the same page as Mary Swetz Thomas' family.  It is in Jenkins Township in Luzerne County at a mining town known as Pickaway Settlement.  That census page shows a Gersovitz family with George, 30, and Mary, 25, with their children Anna, 5, Mary, 3, and a third daughter, 1, with 3 boarders including what looks like a John Puthonoski, 40.  Frank Thomas' mother was Julia Puthonoski.

Gerzanich stone

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