Tomas & Svecz Family History



     The author of this site traveled to Dubrinics (Dubrynyc, Ukraine which was also known as Bercsenyifalva in Hungarian prior to World War I) with a guide from Uzhgorod in August, 1995.  The guide said that Dubrinics meant "oak town."  Dubrinics and other towns and villages in western Ukraine were quite different in character than those in eastern Slovakia.  Those in Slovakia were in better physical condition and the towns were quiet with little foot traffic.  Those in the Ukraine had much more foot traffic and were bustling with activity and in some cases even included some livestock in the streets.  In Dubrinics, we stopped at a church where preparations were being made for a wedding.  The guide inquired whether there were any local residents with the surname of Tomas.  There were and we were off for a visit.  Like everyone we met in Slovakia and the Ukraine, the residents were extremely friendly.  The Tomas resident we met had an uncanny resemblance to my great-grandfather, Frank Thomas.   

Dubrinics town sign:

Road Sign outside of Dubrinics

Dubrinics Panorama (view from east of town):

Dubrinics Panorama (1995)

Dubrinics view:

Dubrinics view

Dubrinics church scenes:

Dubrinics church Dubrinics church

Dubrinics church

Uzh River east of Dubrinics:

Uzh River at Dubrinics

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